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Video Conferencing options for your Classroom

Friday, December 26th, 2008

Episode 22: Video conferencing options for your classroom. A chat with Julia from CILC and Kathleen from e-Missions about their varied videoconferencing offerings. We also listen in and interview teachers getting a first-hand experience with Operation Montserrat. You’ve heard of ‘controled chaos’ in the classroom?! Listen in to these teachers living the mission! (and you don’t always need a $10,000 video conferencing system to participate.)

Shownote Links: - Center for Interactive Learning (and the Content Dollar Bank)

e-Missions - Live Simulations for the classroom

Operation Montserrat - students simulation to evacuate an island besieged by a volcano and approaching hurricane.

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TMFT Nominated for Edublog Awards? Wow!

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

A big thank you to the guys at Wicked Decent Learning for nominating the Twenty Minutes for Tech podcast for ‘Best Educational Use of Audio‘ on the Edublog awards. They’ve been nominated as well — and they do many more shows than I could ever handle - kudos to them!

Thanks guys!

Good luck to all — I’m honored just to be on the list with these folks!